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After You Buy a Hotel: Hiring a Concierge

Buy a Hotel with a Concierge

Consider a Concierge After You Buy a Hotel

After you buy a hotel, you’ll want to start hiring your staff. There are the more obvious positions, such as front desk clerks and cleaners, but what about specialty staff? One great addition that many hoteliers have on their staff is a concierge. A concierge can benefit your hotel in many ways. Today, Southeast International Hotel Brokers breaks down the concierge position in our blog and discusses why you may want to consider hiring one after you buy a hotel.

Why Hire a Concierge?

So, why should you hire a concierge in the first place? A concierge can be one of the most beneficial staff members you have, as they make strong connections with guests. It’s a concierge’s job to know the city or town they’re in intimately. They can suggest all the best restaurants, attractions, and events to your guests. When a guest has a positive experience with a concierge, they tend to feel a strong attachment to your hotel. Some guests appreciate good concierges so much that they’ll stay at a hotel simply because of them! In short, a great concierge can help give your guests a memorable trip and help them to truly experience the city.

What Makes a Good Concierge?

So, you buy a hotel and have decided that hiring a concierge is a good idea. Now, what should you look for in potential candidates? There are a few must-have traits that make a good concierge. A concierge should be personable, organized, and diligent. Oftentimes guests view a concierge as the face of your hotel. Being friendly and personable is an absolute must. They should be able to greet guests and give them suggestions with a smile. Organization is also an important trait for every concierge to possess. Many concierge services offer itinerary services, which is where the concierge will make a brief itinerary for guests upon request. This requires a good amount of organization to do correctly. Finally, a good concierge is diligent. When a new restaurant opens or an event comes to town, they should know. Then, they can find out if the restaurant, event, or other attraction is worth recommending to guests. This is by no means an exhaustive examination of what makes a great concierge, but these traits make a good baseline for you to start from.

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