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Creating a Marketing Persona for Your Hotel

Marketing Persona

Marketing for hotels can be tough. That’s why understanding as many techniques as possible and utilizing the best ones can make a big difference in your marketing efforts. One popular marketing tactic is creating a marketing persona. But what’s a…

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Ideas for Your Hotel Blog

Marketing is vital for hotels, especially digital marketing. One crucial aspect of digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are plenty of ways to improve your SEO, including the addition of a blog on your hotel website. Good SEO…

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Strategic Partnerships in the Hotel Industry

One way that a hotel can increase both their revenue and their brand power is by initiating a strategic partnership with another brand. The right strategic partnership can bring in a lot of revenue and attention to both brands. Today…

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Making Your Loyalty Program More Convenient

Loyalty programs are a big part of any hotel business. It’s why customers tend to choose the same brand or hotel time and time again when they’re in town. Loyalty programs are beneficial even with independent hotels. Having some a…

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Making a User-Friendly Hotel Website

One thing you certainly don’t want to overlook when running a hotel is the hotel’s website. Your website is not only a tool to increase brand awareness, but it’s also a tool to book reservations and bring in more customers.…

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Recruiting Quality Hotel Employees

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a hotel’s success depends on customer service. After all, it is the hospitality industry. To provide excellent customer service, you need outstanding service professionals. No matter what processes you have in…

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Coworking and the Hotel Industry

Here at Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we’re always staying up to date on the newest trends in the hotel industry. One trend that has caught our eye lately is the trend of implementing coworking space in hotels. But what is…

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Cutting Down on Plastic Waste in Your Hotel

Plastic waste is one of the most challenging waste products for businesses to eliminate. The problem of plastic waste is especially the case in the hotel industry. There are so many different ways that plastic is used; you may not…

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The Benefits of Voice Technology for Your Hotel

There are plenty of technologies out there that can improve the hotel experience for your guests. Of course, not every new technology is necessarily worth investing in and implementing. Because of this, it’s important to separate the worthwhile from the…

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Video Marketing for Hotels

One of the best ways to get people to pay attention to your marketing is with video content. This marketing strategy is sure to get people’s attention when it is done right. But what do we mean by video marketing…

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