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What Makes a Bad Guest Experience

Frustrated guest

In the hospitality industry, bad guest experiences are a worst case scenario. Your entire business depends on guests enjoying their stay so, when they have a bad experience, you want to do everything you can to fix it and prevent…

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How to Give Employees Autonomy

Employees happy and smiling

Hotel managers have to do what their name implies, manage their employees. But that doesn’t mean they should have to walk them through every step of their jobs at all times. Employees need to have a decent degree of autonomy.…

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Outdoor Spaces to Have at Your Hotel

Outdoor hotel space

Guests like to have varied community spaces when they stay at a hotel. Including an outdoor space could be especially enticing for any would-be guest. Having an outdoor space at your hotel can provide a lot of benefits. Today in…

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Different Types of Hotels

Browsing hotels online

When you start browsing hotels for sale, it’s good to get an idea of what type of hotel you’ll want to purchase. There are actually a wide variety of different hotel types to choose from, each with their own unique…

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What are Self-Service Hotels?

What are Self-Service Hotels? One emerging trend in hotel technology is the self-service kiosk. This is definitely an interesting concept, considering hotels depend on hospitality in order to be successful. With that being said, does the self-service kiosk merit a…

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Trends for Guest Acquisition Costs in the Hotel Industry

Trends for Guest Acquisition Costs in the Hotel Industry Guest acquisition and the costs associated with it is an ever-pervasive part of the hotel industry. As a hotel owner, you have to make sure you’re getting the best data and…

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Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel?

Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel? Social media is a great way to boost your hotel’s brand and update anyone who follows you about what’s going on. But there are many facets of social media marketing. One of the…

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Hotel Technology: Chatbots

Hotel Technology: Chatbots The hotel industry is always integrating new technologies to make things easier for hotel owners, staff, and guests. One technology that has been gaining traction lately is chatbot technology. Implementing chatbots on your website can streamline a…

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Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season

Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season The shoulder season certainly isn’t the busiest time for the hotel business, but it’s still ripe with opportunities. With the right marketing tactics, you can bring in plenty of guests during this time.…

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