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Using Music to Create Atmosphere in Your Hotel

Guests in lobby

Music Can Create Ambiance for Your Hotel Staying at a hotel is an experience. People do it to get away, relax in luxury, and not have to worry about a thing. Anything hotel owners can do to enhance the experience…

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2018 Trend Watch: Current Hotel Investment Trends

Making an investment

Looking at Hotel Investment Trends Investing in a hotel property is a big decision. Every angle needs to be considered before you make a move. Staying informed will help you have an edge when seeking where to invest your money.…

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Trend Watch: Bleisure

How to Capitalize on the Bleisure Trend Mixing business with pleasure has always been something business travelers would do on a work trip. Hotels took notice and now there’s a full-blown trend catering to this type of hotel guest. Bleisure…

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Trend Watch: Wellness Hospitality

Hotel Trends: Implementing Wellness Hospitality in Your Hotel People are very attracted to the wellness trend, and hotels that use it well have definitely reaped the benefits. It’s enough to make everyone want to jump on the trend as well.…

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Customer Service is Essential in Hospitality

The Importance of Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry There’s nothing more irritating than getting blocked up by customer service or treated badly by an agent. If you’re in the hospitality industry, you should try and put customer service near…

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Amenities That You May Want to Reconsider

Amenities That You Might Not Need to Offer There are a few things that people look at when they’re choosing a hotel room. The location, room size, the number of beds, and the amenities. Obviously, these aren’t the only factors,…

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Trend Breakdown: Using the Internet of Things in Hotels

Hotel Trends: The Internet of Things Technology advances at an incredible rate and the hospitality industry has continually benefited from these advances. Everything from online booking to rewards systems integrated into online accounts has made things much more convenient for…

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Adjusting Your Hotel Decor Seasonally

Changing Your Hotel to Match the Season With the seasons changing, it’s time for your hotel to change too! Updating your decor and other aspects of your hotel to reflect the seasonal changes it a good way to keep things…

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Operating Extended Stay Hotels: Pros and Cons

Running an Extended Stay Hotel There are all kinds of hotels and motels out there with differing business models. Some are economy, some are boutique, some are kitschy, some are luxury. These different types of hotels and motels all appeal…

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