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Our Hospitality Brokers Look at Hotel Food Trends

Hospitality Brokers Trends

Hospitality Brokers Trend Analysis: New Food & Beverage Trends Our hospitality brokers are always paying attention to the latest trends in the hotel industry. Food and beverage trends in hotels change often, so it’s important to make sure your hotel…

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Hotel Brokers Trend Watch: Sustainability in Hotels

Hotel Brokers Sustainability

Our Hotel Brokers Explain Sustainability Trends Going green and being more sustainable is at the forefront of trends for many industries. Of course, the hospitality industry is no different. For many hotels, it makes sense to implement at least some…

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Our Hotel Brokers Go Over Safety for Hotels

Hotel Brokers Safety

Hotel Brokers Advice: Go Over Your Hotel’s Safety Measures Guest satisfaction is always a top priority for hotel owners, but guest safety should top even that. Hotel security plays a huge role in this. It’s important to make sure you…

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