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Amenities to Look for When Searching Motels for Sale

Amenities to Pay Attention to While Looking at Motels for Sale

Motel Room with Amenities

While browsing motels for sale, there are sure to be a lot of things running through your mind. It’s important to keep your priorities straight and look at the big picture, but you also don’t want to let the details fall by the wayside. Make sure you’re paying attention to all the specific amenities that these motels offer and considering the pros and cons of said amenities. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll go more in depth on this topic.

Why You Should Consider the Amenities When Looking at Motels for Sale

First, you may be wondering why amenities should be so high on your priority list while look at motels for sale. You have to consider the long term, day-to-day operations of your motel when you’re in the market to buy. Certain amenities may be more trouble than they’re worth, but then again it entirely depends on the market you’re in. You need to be as comprehensive as possible when searching through motels for sale.

Amenities You Want

Here are some basic amenities you definitely want already implemented in your motel. Although these are easy to put in place if they don’t exist already, they can be a pain to put in place when you already have a lot going on after the purchase.

Basic Amenities

Some basic amenities you’ll want are Wi-Fi/Internet, a spacious and well-paved parking lot, clocks, coffee pots, iron, ironing boards, hair dryers, microwaves, mini fridges, televisions, and a place to offer complimentary breakfasts. Many people will expect all of these things from their motel, so you should expect them to already be there when you buy one. Vending machines are also a great addition.

Swimming Pool

Here’s one amenity that you’ll want to consider thoroughly. Although a pool can potentially bring in a lot of business, especially during the summer, is it really worth having? You have to put time, effort, and money towards its upkeep. If your motel is in a warmer climate, this may be nice to have. It’s not too difficult closing and opening a pool during the winter, but it is something you’ll have to make time for. If you don’t mind this extra chore, then including motels for sale with pools in your search will certainly give you more options.

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