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Amenities That You May Want to Reconsider

Amenities That You Might Not Need to Offer

Hotel Amenities

There are a few things that people look at when they’re choosing a hotel room. The location, room size, the number of beds, and the amenities. Obviously, these aren’t the only factors, but it’s what you see when you’re browsing the hotel pages. Many people will tell you that amenities are important to them, but is it what determines whether or not they choose a hotel? Not necessarily. Some amenities are commonplace but not especially desired by hotel guests.

Are All of Your Amenities Necessary?

Take a step back and ask if all of your amenities are essential to the guest experience. Chances are you have a variety of amenities that continue to go unused and that might be costing you money for no reason. By identifying and eliminating these amenities, you can save time and money, since you’ll have one less thing you have to worry about.

Amenities You Can Consider Dropping

If we’re talking about the amenities that would save you money to get rid of, we need to look at some of the bigger ones. Consider if you need your pool, your fitness center, and your room service. Now, it seems like these are amenities that you can’t really live without, but these might not be as important to guests as they might seem. Let’s look at each:

Your Pool

This one will require some observation to make a decision. You’ll need to see how many guests actually use your pool and how often. If you notice that your pool is often empty, it might be for a reason. On the other hand, it might just be that your guests aren’t interested in using it. If you have an outdoor pool and you’re not located somewhere warm year-round, is it worth having it open for only the summer? Do you have your pool open late, or does it close early? These are all factors that may affect usage. It’s worth looking into.

Your Fitness Center

Are people actually using your fitness center? People tend to not exercise on vacation as consistently as they would at home. Obviously, and this goes for the pool too, if people are using this feature often you should keep it. But if it’s hardly used at all, you may be better off converting the space into a meeting room or something that brings you more money.

Room Service

Room service can be costly if you don’t have a restaurant and you’re only using the kitchen for this service. Instead, you can provide menus in rooms for places that deliver or, if you’re in a big city, services like UberEats and Postmates pick food up from any restaurant, making their room service options potentially limitless.

We’re not necessarily suggesting that you get rid of amenities like these immediately, but it’s worth seeing if they’re actually being utilized by your guests.

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