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Advice from the Motel Sales Experts: Connect with Local Businesses

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Our Motel Sales Experts Recommend Approaching Local Businesses

Connections have always been an important part of business. This remains true for the motel industry. An oft-neglected aspect of making connections is connecting to other businesses that are in your area. Today, our motel sales experts break down some of the benefits of reaching out to local businesses and how it can create opportunities for your motel.

Why Connect to Local Businesses?

Before the age of digital marketing and social media, people relied on word-of-mouth to get their brand or business name out into the world. Don’t worry, word-of-mouth isn’t dead! In fact, there’s a certain charm to this business approach that you may not get from other means of advertising. According to our motel sales experts, connecting to local businesses is one of the best forms of this type of advertising. If a local business in your area is well-loved by customers, they’re more receptive to information that business can provide.

For instance, a local restaurant known for their incredible food and excellent service is sure to leave an impression. On the way out, they may ask an employee if they know any good places to stay for the night. They suggest your motel and express that it’s a great place to stay. The customer is likely to trust this suggestion, as they received excellent service while they were at the restaurant.

How to Approach Them?

Now you can see the benefits of connecting to other businesses, but how do you approach them? It’s important to not overcomplicate things. As a business owner yourself, you know how valuable time is for other owners. Simply visit the place of business when they’re not busy, and ask to speak to the owner. Introduce yourself, tell them you own the motel nearby, and ask if they have a moment to talk. If they don’t have a moment then, see if you can set aside a time. Most savvy business owners know an opportunity when they see it, and they’ll likely be more than happy to discuss business with you.

In the meeting, simply explain how you see an opportunity where you can help each other out. Something like, you’ll carry their menu in your lobby to give to guests when they ask for food suggestions, and they can carry contact and location information in their place of business to give to guests looking for a place to stay. This is a classic win-win situation, and one most local businesses wouldn’t turn down, as long as they don’t have prior connections. If you reach an agreement, thank them for their time and for the opportunity. Keep in mind, this doesn’t only apply to restaurants. Our motel sales experts recommend reaching out to any number of local businesses that would draw in tourists, such as go-kart tracks or other leisure activities.

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