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Advice from Your Motel Brokers: What Services do Motels Offer

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Tips from Your Motel Brokers: Should I Offer Services in My Motel?

As motel brokers, a common question clients have is what services they should offer in their motel, if any. When it comes to services, motels are drastically different than hotels. Today, the expert motel brokers at Southeast International break down motel services and the benefits of offering them. Continue reading to learn more.

Do Motels Usually Offer Any Services?

For the most part, motels don’t offer many services, nor are they usually expected to. If they do offer services, they usually offer very few. Typically, motels may have Wi-fi, basic cable, an outdoor pool, and light breakfast options such as bagels and toast. You may even have some snack and soda vending machines on the premises. These services aren’t necessarily guaranteed either, but they are fairly commonplace. Remember, motel guests are primarily guests looking to just stay a night or two while traveling. They’re not expecting a ton of services. The cost and easy location are their main concerns.

What Services Should I Offer at My Motel?

It’s generally a good idea to offer at least the basic services, such as internet and breakfast. As we mentioned earlier, your primary customers will be travelers, but you’ll more than likely have a decent amount of business customers. These customers may want to do some work while they’re staying with you, so Wifi is essential in today’s technology driven age. This is especially the case if there are competing motels nearby. If you buy a franchised motel, there will be certain guidelines that you need to adhere to. If you’re independent, you can consider adding some additional services that motels may not typically have to make your motel more attractive to guests, but there’s no need to go overboard. If you’re in a good location and you keep your premises clean and welcoming, the guest won’t be as concerned with the amount of services offered. Remember, the competition probably isn’t offering any more services than you are, so guests will usually choose based on convenience to their route.

Choose the Motel Brokers at Southeast International Hotel Brokers

Remember, motels are all about location, location, location. When you buy a motel through the motel brokers at Southeast International, we can help you find a motel in a great location. Our motel brokers are experts in the industry, so trust Southeast International Hotel Brokers with your motel brokerage needs. Contact our motel brokers today, or view our website for more information.