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Advice from Your Motel Brokers: Does My Motel Need Social Media?

Motel Brokers Social Media

Your Motel Brokers on if You Should Bother with Social Media

Social media is extremely prevalent in our everyday lives. In fact, you probably have some form of social media open in another tab while reading this. The popularity of social media isn’t breaking news, but businesses still neglect this particular area of online presence. At Southeast International, our motel brokers have seen social media make a big difference for many of our clients. Read our blog for our take on how your motel should handle their social media strategy.

Why is Social Media So Important?

First, we’ll look at why social media is important in today’s business environment. The biggest benefit of social media is visibility. The larger your web presence, typically, the better. Look at it as just another way that potential guests can find your business online. Another huge benefit is the ability to connect with customers quickly and directly. If someone comments on a post you make, or they send you a direct message or review, you can be instantly notified. This lets you efficiently address guest concerns and let them know you’re paying attention to their needs. It gives your business a more human presence, leading to more of a connection to your guests.

But is it Necessary for a Motel?

Our motel brokers recommend that your motel is at least on Facebook. Facebook has a huge user base, and its to the point where a customer-oriented business can’t afford to avoid using it. Now, do you need to have a huge social media presence as a motel? According to our motel brokers, that depends. If your motel is independent, and not franchised, you have a little more flexibility. You can make fun posts, or you can simply use the platform to post room rates and deals that you might have going on. If you’re a franchised property, corporate probably has a strategy outlined and in place for you to use. Either way, our motel brokers say that making some sort of effort toward social media is definitely worthwhile, no matter the size of your motel.

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