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Advice From Your Hotel Brokers: How Hotels are Ranked on Booking Websites

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Hotel Brokers Advice on Booking Website Ratings

Hotel booking websites are a great way to attract new guests to your hotel. You want to have a presence on as many as possible, but how do you show up higher in their rankings? Each of these websites has unique algorithms and methods to determine how hotels are ranked. There are a few things that these websites have in common. Capitalizing on these commonalities is key to competing with other hotels. Read on for an analysis from our expert team of hotel brokers. Remember to contact Southeast International Hotel Brokers if you’re ever in need of experienced hotel brokers when buying or selling your hotel.

How Are Hotel Rankings Decided?

There’s no one specific way that rankings are determined, but a huge factor is reviews. It may seem obvious, but a hotel that consistently gets bad reviews isn’t going to be highly recommended by a reputable booking website, but what about good reviews? Obviously, it’s possible for two hotels to have a similar amount of good ratings. What factors decide which one will be ranked higher?

This is where things get a bit more nuanced. In-depth reviews definitely count for something. If someone just clicks on 5 stars and leaves no comments, it means they were impressed but not necessarily wowed enough to be moved to write about their experience. Reviews that go in depth about how great the stay was show that the hotel takes extra great care of its customers. These longer reviews are considered high-quality, thus you’ll see a boost in ranking. The age and frequency of reviews also play a factor. For instance, you may have a few quality 5-star reviews, but if they’re a couple years old, they’ll slowly lose relevance according to the algorithm. That’s why it’s important for the frequency of good reviews to remain relatively consistent.

Is it Possible to Rank Higher?

Keeping the above points in mind, how is it possible for you to rank higher? Obviously, you can’t force your customers to write reviews. Instead, our hotel brokers recommend you just continue to focus on being extremely customer-oriented. If you focus on impeccable service and attention to detail, the reviews will come organically. Amazing service usually moves people to write reviews. You can also encourage review writing by having an engaging social media presence. Engaging your customers on social media gives them a deeper connection to your business, which can often lead them to want to leave a good review. Our team of hotel brokers often exert the importance of having a social media presence for your hotel, and this is another great reason.

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