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Advice from Your Hotel Brokers: Hiring an Event Coordinator

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Hotel Brokers Tips: Importance of an Event Coordinator

If you have event space in your hotel, having an event coordinator is essential to making the most of it. As a hotel owner, you have a lot on your plate, and putting together every event that comes in shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. An event coordinator can make sure all events go off without a hitch. Today, our hotel brokers discuss the benefits and hiring process for event coordinators.

What are the Benefits of Having an Event Coordinator?

Ideally, your hotel will be getting consistent bookings for the event space you have. Otherwise, the space isn’t profitable, and it could be used for more rooms instead. If you’re in this ideal situation, there will be far too much work for someone like an owner or manager to handle. You’ll need a specific person who can take care of all this extra work. An event coordinator can work with the clients renting your event space and add an extremely personal touch to their experience. By closely working with the clients to help them plan their ideal experience, the event coordinator creates a connection, which is likely to lead to referrals. Referrals are a big part of maintaining consistent event space rentals. As you can see, not only will an event coordinator clear up work for you, they can bring you more business.

What Should I Look for When Hiring?

Our hotel brokers recommend a thorough hiring process when choosing an event coordinator. After all, they’ll be handling a huge portion of business for you. You need someone you can trust and someone who can get the job done. The first thing our hotel brokers recommend looking for is experience. Hotel event space can host a variety events, from wedding receptions to business conferences. Thus, your event coordinator needs to be familiar with setting up a diverse variety of events.

Once you’ve weeded out the applicants who aren’t qualified, then you can hold your in-person interviews with the candidates. Event coordinators need to be highly personable, attentive, and organized. Since they’re dealing directly with the clients, they need to be friendly and sensitive to the clients wants and needs for their event. In addition, excellent organizational skills are a must for making sure everything for the event goes smoothly. Leadership qualities are also important since they’ll be directing staff on completing tasks to set up for the event. Make sure when you hire someone, it’s someone you think you can directly work with for years to come. They’ll be a huge part of your organization, so it’s important to take this process seriously.

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