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Advice from Your Hotel Brokers: Getting Your Hotel LEED Certified

Hotel Brokers and LEED Certification

Our Team of Hotel Brokers Breaks Down LEED Certification

Going green is a huge trend in the hotel industry right now. With the overall increase of awareness for taking care of the environment and being sustainable, more people are expecting the businesses they frequent to take some sort of initiative. One way you can do this is to enact some green practices, but to really take it to the next level, you may want to consider getting LEED certified after you buy a hotel through Southeast International Hotel Brokers. This certification is a sure sign that your property is green and sustainable.

What Does it Mean to Get LEED Certified?

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification that a building receives when it meets a certain standard. There are several levels of the certification based on a point system – the highest level being platinum. When you’re LEED certified, people will be able to know that your hotel is proven to participate in green practices.

What are the Benefits of Being LEED Certified?

So, you buy a hotel through our hotel brokers and decide to get it LEED certified. What advantages will this provide you? The biggest benefit of becoming LEED certified is how much money going green can save you in the long run. Hotels use a great deal of energy each and every day, so the more energy you can save, the better. Another great benefit is the marketing advantages it gives you. If you can advertise your hotel as LEED certified, people will know you practice sustainability. Guests appreciate when they can contribute to a business that is green. Finally, the most obvious benefit is lessening your environmental footprint.

How Do I Become LEED Certified?

So what do you need to do to become LEED certified after you buy a hotel? You’ll need to submit an application for certification on the LEED website. They have extensive information as to the minimum requirements. You’ll have to decide what level of certification you’re looking for. The levels are Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You’ll need a minimum of 40 points on their system to obtain the Certified level. The categories that you can earn points in are water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in operations, regional points, and sustainable sites. Visit the LEED website for a full breakdown on the qualifications and to submit your application. After their review process, they’ll send you the results indicating whether or not you’ve met the qualifications.

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