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Advice from Your Hotel Brokers: Your Front Desk is Your First Impression

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Our Hotel Brokers Explain Why Your Front Desk Matters

When you walk into a hotel, you should be experiencing excellent customer service right away. The first point of service for your guests will be your front desk. A friendly, helpful receptionist will be the first impression your guests have of your hotel. That’s why this aspect of your hotel should not be neglected. Today, in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we discuss the front desk experience.

Your Front Desk is Your First Impression

The front desk is the first point of service for your guests. No matter what, they expect to be treated kindly and with respect. They expect their check-in and check-out experience to be easy and quick. If guests have a bad experience at the front desk, it will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in their mouth for the rest of the trip. It could be enough of a deal breaker that they decide not to stay with you again. Our hotel brokers recommend you set out guidelines for front desk procedures to make it easier for both guests and staff.

How to Optimize the Front Desk

The most important thing that you’ll need at your front desk is great staff. A great front desk receptionist will always greet your guests with a friendly smile and will do everything they can to make the guest’s experience better. Guests remember if their receptionist was unfriendly or unhelpful. Make sure you have a good training system in place for new front desk staff. You should set forth guidelines and procedures for them so they know what is expected.

Once you have great staff in place, you need to give them the tools they need to succeed. An intuitive POS system is the best way to do this. A POS system will make their jobs as easy as possible, so they can give their full attention to helping the guests. POS systems should be able to keep track of reservations, guest information, loyalty points, and much more. If you’re not equipping your front desk with an effective POS system, you’re setting them up to fail.

Finally, you can put some final touches on your front desk to make it really special. Some common things our hotel brokers have seen are cookies at the front desk, mobile check-in for convenience, and using bellhops for a more upscale touch. Setting your front desk apart is sure to help your hotel stick out in the minds of your guests.

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