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Advice from Your Hotel Brokers: Add an Outdoor Space to Your Hotel

Hotel Brokers Outdoor Area

Southeast International Hotel Brokers on Adding Outdoor Areas

As a hotel owner, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for new ways to drive revenue and bring in more guests. Obviously, this is a primary goal of all hotel owners. That’s why you should be looking at the space in your hotel that isn’t being used and asking yourself how it can be used to turn a profit. If you have unused outdoor space, you’re missing out on opportunities. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll be discussing outdoor spaces to consider offering, and how they can help drive revenue.

Outdoor Spaces to Offer

There are a variety of different outdoor spaces you can offer. Here are some of the outdoor spaces our team of hotel brokers see most often.

Rooftop Lounge

If you have flat, excess roof space, this can be converted into a rooftop bar, restaurant, or lounge. This is an especially good idea if you have a hotel located in the downtown area or one that has great views. If you live in a warmer climate, this can be a year-round asset. Also, you can consider adding fire pits for those chillier nights. The more comfortable you make your guests, the more likely they’ll want to stay and buy drinks and food.

Poolside Bar

You might already have an outdoor pool, but is it really making you that much more money? Capitalize on your outdoor space by adding a poolside bar. Guests will jump at the opportunity to be able to relax with a cocktail by the pool. You can even serve easy-to-make bar food, such as sandwiches and chicken tenders for kids. Our team of hotel brokers also recommends installing a swim-up bar. These are especially enticing to potential guests who are considering where to book their rooms. A swim-up bar is a unique feature that might lead them to choose your hotel over the competition.


If you have outdoor space on the ground level, consider building a patio. Add some comfortable patio furniture and seating, and give it easy access to the bar or breakfast area. Guests love to enjoy their drinks or their breakfast outside when it’s nice. Patios are relatively inexpensive to maintain and they have a lot of curb appeal.

How Can Outdoor Spaces Drive Revenue?

There are two primary ways that your outdoor spaces can bring in more money. The first is obvious. Your guests will want to make the most out of their stay and utilize the amenities you have to offer. You’ll be able to entice your guests who are already spending money on rooms to spend their money on the other things you have to offer. Plus, it helps guests to choose your hotel over others.

The other way that outdoor spaces can drive revenue is by opening them to the public. Your outdoor spaces don’t have to be unique guest experiences. Let people who aren’t staying at your hotel come to the rooftop bar. You can even choose to rent spaces like these out to groups and meeting. Holding events like concerts at your outdoor spaces is another unique way to drive revenue. As you can see, adding outdoor spaces can maximize your hotel’s potential, if done correctly.

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