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Advice from Your Hotel Brokerage: Should it be Pet-Friendly?

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Hotel Brokerage Analysis on Being a Pet-Friendly Hotel

People love their fluffy friends, so much so that many would prefer to bring them along when traveling or going on vacation. When they do, they need a place to stay that will allow their pets to stay with them. Pet-friendly hotels aren’t extremely common. If you don’t have a lot of competition, you may be filling a niche that your market needs. Today in our hotel brokerage analysis, we look at the pros and cons of making your hotel pet-friendly.

Pros of a Pet-Friendly Hotel

The biggest reason to have a pet-friendly hotel is it gives you the ability to get business from customers who may not have stayed at your hotel otherwise. People tend to be willing to pay extra to have their pets stay with them, especially if their accommodation options are limited. What you need to consider is your market. Are there already pet-friendly hotels in your area? If so, are they in the same price range and target market as your hotel? Our hotel brokerage experts only recommend going this route if you can fulfill a need that isn’t already being met.

Cons of a Pet-Friendly Hotel

The biggest con of having a pet-friendly hotel is that although you’ll attract customers you might not have, you also risk deterring other customers. Customers who dislike animals or who have allergies will definitely not be staying at your hotel. Also, you’ll have a lot more procedures that you’ll need to put in place. Your cleaning crew will need to clean pet mess and pet hair. You’ll have to make sure guests with pets sign liability waivers that protect you. You’ll have to make sure you have guidelines as to what kind of pets can stay there. You’ll need to make sure you outline your stipulations, such as having documentation of vaccinations, in order to stay at your hotel. The list goes on. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why pet-friendly hotels are uncommon. But if you’re willing to put up with these issues, and if your market needs it, you could carve out a lucrative business for yourself. Our hotel brokerage recommends you do extensive research and some feasibility studies before deciding whether or not being pet-friendly it right for you. It’s definitely not a decision that you should make lightly.

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