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Advice from Your Hospitality Brokers: Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Advice from Your Hospitality Brokers: Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey

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One of the best ways to improve your hotel is to get direct feedback from your customers, and one of the best ways to do this is to send them a customer satisfaction survey. If you structure it well and make it easy to complete, you can get a lot of information about what you can improve and what people like best about your hotel. The key is to make sure your customer satisfaction survey isn’t too long, intrusive, or difficult to complete. Today in our blog, our hospitality brokers will go over what makes a good customer satisfaction survey.

Importance of a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Sometimes, when a guest has a bad experience at a hotel, they’ll leave a review online. You may not want others to see these negative reviews, but they can be helpful in a way. For one, you can apologize to the customer and try to earn their business back. Others will see your response and recognize that you’re concerned with guest satisfaction. Also, you can see what complaints your customers have and make efforts to improve them.

But most of the time, customers won’t let you know what they did or didn’t like about their stay. They’ll simply leave your hotel feeling one way or the other, and you won’t know if they were satisfied. A customer satisfaction survey is a great way to reach out to these guests and get their feedback. The more feedback you have, the more you can improve.

What to Include in a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once you’ve decided to implement a customer satisfaction survey, you need to decide what you want to include in it and what you want it to look like. The most important thing is making the survey intuitive and quick to fill out. If someone sees a long, tedious survey, they’re extremely unlikely to want to fill it out.

Our hospitality brokers recommend making your survey short and sweet. First of all, a simple “Did you enjoy your stay?” with a yes or no option could begin your survey. If they answer no, ask if they mind explaining what went wrong. Truthfully, this should be enough of a survey to get optimum feedback. The question is, how do you get guests to fill it out? Our hospitality brokers recommend giving them multiple opportunities. For instance, have a survey printed out in their room. If a guest sees the survey in their room, they may end up filling it out at the end of their stay. Another way you can do it is by sending them an email after they check out. It doesn’t have to be intrusive. Something like “Thanks for staying with us! Let us know how you enjoyed your stay!” is friendly and shows them that you care about them as a guest.  

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