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Advice from Your Hospitality Brokers: Common Environmental Practices to Implement

Hospitality Brokers and Green Practices

Tips from Your Hospitality Brokers: Common Sustainable Practices for Hotels

Sustainable practices are a great way to make your hotel more environmentally friendly, save money, and impress your guests. If you’re not sure where to start, allow our hospitality brokers to shed some light on common environmentally friendly practices we’ve seen.

Common Environmentally Friendly Practices

Here are some sustainable practices our hospitality brokers recommend implementing:

Reuse Programs for Guests

Get guests in on helping your hotel to be more green. By implementing a reuse program for towels and linens, guests can opt to have them replaced only by request. Normally housekeeping would replace them every day. With this program, you’ll save both water and electricity since you won’t have to be washing and drying as many towels and sheets.

Recycling Programs

Hotels create quite a bit of trash and waste. Thus, you can really offset your environmental impact by implementing a quality recycling program. This way, all of your waste and trash doesn’t end up going straight to a landfill.

Energy Conservation

Having adjustable thermostats and TVs that shut off automatically will help you conserve energy in each room in your hotel. Our hospitality brokers recommend posting reminders next to the door and thermostat suggesting guests adjust it before leaving for the day. You could also remind them to turn off their lights and close the blinds. This will help to cut down on energy usage too.

New Room Keys

Room keys are typically made of plastic, which isn’t great for the environment. But you can have your room keys made out of a more environmentally friendly material, like recycled plastic.

Using Locally Sourced Food

If you have a restaurant or room service in your hotel, using locally-sourced food will be more sustainable and help to stimulate the local economy. Plus, guests will love the fact that your food is fresh and local.

Water Conservation

Installing low-flow faucets, toilets, showers, and more can help to cut down on your water usage.

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