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Advice from Your Hotel Brokers: Reducing Stress on Employees

Hotel Brokers Tips: Dealing with Employee Stress

Stressed Out Employees

In the hospitality industry, there’s one thing that’s absolutely necessary in order to be successful: hospitality. Whether or not your hotel is hospitable depends entirely on the employees. Thus, it’s important to keep your staff happy. If your employees are stressed and unhappy, your guests will be able to tell. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll give some tips on keeping your workplace low stress.

The Importance of Keeping Your Employees Low-Stress

Stressed employees do not make for a happy workplace. It also spreads throughout every department. The more employees are stressed, the more they make mistakes, and the more the quality of their work decreases. In the hospitality industry, this is absolutely detrimental to your business.

Not only will their stress and unhappiness spread to other employees, it will spread to guests as well. Guests expect the customer service staff at their hotel to be happy, courteous and friendly. Ruining the guest experience with the opposite attitude will definitely cut into your revenue.

How to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

We know how important it is to keep stress low in the workplace, but how do we do it? Here are some ideas from our hotel brokers:

Make Sure Employees Feel Heard: If employees have problems with their workplace, make sure you listen to them. You don’t want employees to feel like upper management and the owners don’t care about them or their wellbeing. Listen to their problems and see if there’s a good way to resolve them. Often, management might not even know the problem existed in the first place.

Offer Stress Relieving Activities: More and more employers are incorporating healthy perks and benefits in their employment packages. Offering things like yoga memberships and healthy snacks is a great way to boost employee satisfaction and reduce stress.

Time Management: Make sure you’re managing employee time well. Giving appropriate breaks and not overscheduling employees is key to making sure they’re not tired or sick of working. Also, make sure that employees are able to get enough time off to get away from work and disconnect.

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